Alternatives of Adsense:

 Alternatives of Adsense:

Techtipstrick adsense alternative

There are lots of restriction and policy problems in adsense. Not everybody gets AdSense.

These are some niche sites that don't get adsense.

(Anyway adsense is the best because it has high cpc and can be used in any site if it has valid contents and follows Google policy.)

  • Movie downloading site.

Movie downloading sites are not legal by law; all the movies that you download and from where you download have not got legal right to distribute the movies.

  • Songs downloading sites

the same reason as in the case of movie downloading sites.

Most of the songs downloading sites use copyright videos that infringes copyright laws.

  • Video downloading sites.

Short videos that are generally downloaded from unknown sources are not believed to have a valid one.

  • Adult content sites.

 These sites are not valid for getting an AdSense account.

  • Hacking , cracking related sites.

Google AdSense and Google doesn't support any search terms that instigate and encourage hacking cracking software or any application.

  • And many times Google AdSense bans the account for invalid traffic and other reasons.

There are some alternatives that can be used in subdomains like or any websites listed above.


If you are a new blogger then this site is not appropriate for you can't provide you ads. This site needs big traffic that would not be enough for a novice blogger.

The minimum traffic in a month it needs is 10,000 . The traffic should be higher than this.

It can be used on websites having higher traffic. It provides good cpc and can be better for earning great revenues.

Propeller ads:

PropellerAds could be a giant ad network that provides publishers to advertise ads like banners, sponsored links, push notifications, and permits you to succeed in one billion users.

The self-serve platform is simple to use with a simplified ad creator that permits you to induce your campaigns to abide by marginal problems.

With countless targeting choices and time period performance measuring, you'll work reactively to boost your campaigns.

It additionally options machine-driven ad improvement, wherever your settings are fine-tuned by AI, supplying you with the simplest range of conversions for every ad while not manual effort.


Adsterra is very easy to get and is allowed in any kind of website to use .It has banners, push notifications, link the redirection and pop up notifications , social advertising bar and so many things. 

In general, can we approve in 2 to 3 hours or less than that. Website that lets you show apps in your blogs websites in a blink of an eye.

Overall you have a chance if you don't have a sensor on any other accounts then you can use it as it provides you a very good payment system.


If you want an ads platform that begins showing ads in a few minutes then adversal is best for you.

It takes a few minutes to begin showing ads.

There needs to be a few settings to be done and and everything is ok and automatically starts showing on your site there is a restriction your monthly page should be greater than 50000.


This is another option for you. It doesn't need so many viewers and can get activated shortly.


As the name suggests pop ups ads are shown on the website.

Most of the movie sites and other downloading websites use this ads platform.


This ad platform does not provide revenue for click per post but instead it provides only for showing ads and when the viewers view the ads. 


This is a big problem for those who rely upon ads for earning revenue on their sites since the ad blocker blocks ads in the websites.

AdRecover in partnership with AdRecover provides ads constantly with being affected by adblocker.

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    Movie downloading sites are not legal by law; all the movies that you download and from where you download have not got legal right to distribute the movies.

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