Custom robots header tags in blogger

 Custom robots header tags :

Custom header tags are protocol that sets rule and regulation for the search engine bots how they scan your blog in blogger.

They sets certain parameters which any search engine crawler has to follow.

In blogger, there are ten custom robots header tags. They are as follows:

  1. all

  2. noindex

  3. nofollow

  4. none

  5. noarchive

  6. nosnippet

  7. noodp

  8. notranslate

  9. noimageindex

  10. unavailable_after

We shall now elaborate each of the tags and their meanings one by one.

We shall get brief introduction and understanding about these tags and how we should handle and manage it for better ranking of our blog in Google.


This tags freed the crawlers from any bound. All parameter makes it free to expose anything in your blog.If you set this tag, crawlers are not bound by any limitations. They can freely crawl, index and expose your posts in Google


You may not be intrested to make appear all your items of your blog in the Google search you would like to hide from public notice. This tags makes it possible to hide whatever you want to hide.


Nofollow and dofollow tags are for outbound links. Dofollow is the default robot label for many of your links.that implies crawlers looks at your links in the post and can make it visible in the search engine. You can control it from this settings.


none combines the  features of both noindex and nofollow tags. The crawlers will neither index your pages nor skim through the links.


Google captures your pages and post and archive it in case if somehow sometimes become unavailable. In that case if any search request is there it show ths results from archive.

You can turned it off and stops SERP to archive your pages.


Snippets are the texts that appears when your search something in google. This feature can be controlled from there . You ca. Either stop or make it clear to google crawler bots what to do with it.


Open Directory Project or Dmoz is an man-made directory of websites. Google use the information out there sometimes. You you want to turn it off it can be done so from this option available.


You can control wheather you want your blog to be translated or it should not be translated.

You have options available here to do according to your preferences.


You want Your images to appear or either you want it not displayed publicly by Google bots crawler than you can choose from here. 


This options makes it possible either you want your first to appear in a Google for a particular time after that particular time you first will not appear in the Google it can be controlled from this option.

How to Set Up Custom Robots Header Tags In Blogger.

You can set the custom robots header tags in blogger by yourself. It is easier to do so and you can do it bye by reading the settings yourself.

You need to open new blogger in your blogs new interface settings. Now go to settings and scroll down until you see.

Custom robots header tags.

Now enable custom robots header tags. And then open your home page tags .
Custom robots header tags

Than open archive page tags .

And than again open posts and pages tags.

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