Everything you need to know in blogger for blogging.

 Everything you need to know in blogger for blogging.

Blogger is a blog publishing service owned by Google. Blogger provide services to let you make a webpage in it free of cost. It is a content management system and a user published their blogs in google free hosting. For default a blogger users get a subdomain example.blogspot.com for free to make their webpage.

There is a facility to connect your own domain in it. A user can create maximum of 100 blogs from one account.

Originally it was developed by pyra labs and launched in 23rd August 1999. Later in 2003 it was bought by Google.

Facts you don't know in blogger

  • Blogger impose limitations for total hosting storage it provides.

  • Maximum 1gb of photo storage is provided by blogger

  • Your one post cannot exceed more than 1mb.

  • You can post maximum of 50 posts per day.

  • Size of pictures is linitec upto 250kb if posted from blogger.

  • Team members limited upto 100.

  • You blog can be suspended without any notice if any Policy violation is done.

Start your first blog

It starts as soon as you register in the blogger.

It ask for the name of your blog and than the subdomain you want to connect in it.

A popup page may open asking you to connect your own domain.

You can buy or continue with your subdomain.

Hindi new blogger interface there is lot of is provided to set up your blog.

Blogger panel

When you first time open your blog this type of interface is visible.

Posts: you can manage your posts.

Comments: comments are visible here.

Earnings: it tells about wheather you are eligible for the adsense.

You can manage your AdSense account from here.

Pages: your pages is managed here.

Layout: you can edit your blogs layout.

Theme: recover ,backup or choose themes from there.

Settings: this is the important settings for your blog.

Blogger settings

From title section you can set the title of your blog.

Descriptions allows you to write about your blog in 500 characters.

this characters description is visible in the front page of your domain or either you can hide it.

Next very important thing in the domain is meta description.

Blogger settings

This search description is visible when you search the name of your domain in Google search engine. Enable the search description as you see in the picture.

Nishatale when searched search
example look at the picture above
Nishatale is searched, there is a description below the Nishatale.com . This is how your search description looks like.

Blogger provides you whether you want to make your web page visible in the search engine. Whether you want search port to index your blog post. You can choose it control it as per your choice. 

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