Five best platform for bloggers to increase traffic.

 Five best platform for bloggers to increase traffic.

Blogger tips

You have done everything in your blog and set your domain perfectly.

Do you know how to choose proper topics and how to drive traffic in your blog.

There is a way you can do these and I have collected some of the most useful tips that can help you increasing your traffic and gain popularity in the search engine.

Gaining popularity in search engines simply means you got ranked in better number in google.

Follow these tips to get ranked.


Google used to collect all the questions that is not available or not found when anybody searches it in Google.

Any queries that remains unanswered is found in questionhub.

First of all you need to register there and than you can select question from the available one there.

There will be list of questions about any topics when you select it you git a question on that topic.

If you have already written any article in that topics than you can paste the URL of you blog post .

When any such questions is again searched you get the result for that specific question.

Google Trends

Google trends can used very efficiently and can be very useful in creating your best topics and articles it can help you to get in the search engine very easily if you have ability to choose your topics very factory.

Google trends offers all the trending searches that is going on in Google you can look up on the searches that is trending in a day in a month, in a particular year.

Google trends helps you analyse which topics is searched most in any specific reason. By understanding and analysing the search trends you can actually right on that particular trends you will get a huge search volume. This can help you choose the best topic that is most demanding. The best thing is that you can shoes any topics for any particular area as for the demand from that area.

So if you choose the right item for your blog you can  get ranked in Google search engine.

Facebook page

Facebook page can help you rank in the Google. If you make your Facebook page in the name of the blog and then you are actively posting in that page.

This is very good idea but don't forget to remain active in that page posting your features articles and your blog post URL in the page and boost of your traffic very fast.

You can even use a Facebook ads to target to a particular audience for any age group you actually want them to visit your site.

It is perfectly a good choice.


Pinterest is one of the most popular services available in internet and is very well ranked in Google. Make a Pinterest account today and post your pics from your blog give your website name and URL to get ranked.

You just need to make a board pin up your photos along with the URL and it can be very useful.

Just try it once.


This is a good place for you to promote your website. If you are able to answer so  many questions in your with relevant citations to your website. It can help you get traffic from Quora very efficiently and easily.

Let's get started with your these tricks for Ranking and increasing your traffic.

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