How to use Google search console tools:

 How to use Google search console tools:

Basics for Ranking your website/blog.

Google search console tools:

Google search console tools are used for helping Google Google search engine that your website or blogs exists.

It helps in managing the Ranking and search related issue.

If you want that Google search engine is aquainted of your site you must use Google search console. By verifying your site on seach console it lets you manage your site .

Get started with search console:

The first thing you need to do when you open search console is to login with your particular domain. It will cled there as property ; than if you are using search console from the same account as it is in blogger than it will be automatically verified and if you are using it from another account than you will have to verify it manually.

Once it is verified you have to submit your sitemap from the option sitemap.

Search console panel

From the available option sitemaps; the sitemap can be submitted.

You have to choose the URL if the website as

For example;

In this way you can submit your blogs or websites sitemap.

In overview options you can view the total number of viewers that are visiting your blog or website.soon you open overview there is a stats visible which shows how are website is searched and viewed.

From reports you can see clicks, impression and ranking of the websites or blogs.

In general websites are indexed and crawled automatically if doesn't happen you can request indexing manually.

This is done by first of all you have to check the URL of your post if it is visible in Google for not if it is not visible there is a option available that animals YouTube request for indexing. If website is eligible and does not contain any invalid items then there it will say that you will get indexed soon.

Is the website does not contain valid items then the Google will suggest you to improve or remove such items that is not eligible or it may violate policy in google.

You can test your post URL live how it will look like when it is visible in search engine and how it is seen by search bot. By clicking on live test URL you can check it.

These are the common aspects that you need to bring your site notice to everyone .

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