Interesting things you can do with your smartphone

 Interesting things you can do with your smartphone:
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Smartphone has become one of the most important parts of day to day life for each of us.

With the advancement in smartphone technologies and lots of features , it has created a sensation in our life.

As the usage of smartphone is increasing in our life we are getting indulged in all activities related with smartphone.

I have with my own activities sharing some of the most interesting things you can do in your smartphones:

Smartphone as a sixth sense:

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From any corner you can see anything around the world. It is possible to remain informed of everything happening in the World. News around the World and day to event from social media that can almost let's you everything that is occurring all around the world.

It is possible to keep an eye on everything.

It is all like a magical things.

Using your phone as a lab instrument:

  • Nowadays Android phone has he come more smarter than ever. Most of the Android phone has so many sensors like 

  • gravity sensor.

Such specific sensor can actually detect the force of attraction towards due to gravitational force it is very interesting thing and can be used now a days from your very Android phone.

  • Magnetic sensor

Magnetic sensor can be much more fun for any students who is inclined to do experimentations.

This sensor actually lets you detect magnetic force around an object and around a coil. On your Magnetic sensor and bring it to the moving fan you will see e the value there on microtesla is increasing. You can check magnetic field is there exist around a object.

  • movement sensor.

Movement sensor tell the phone the movement of it. Even if you run or walk it can detect the speed and the motion in a three dimensional graph you can use this feature of the phone experimenter for the detection of motion of an object while studying your motion chapter in physics.

  • accelerator.

You you know no speed and acceleration are two different things. You can measure your speed from movement sensor . the acceleration of the object can be well measured from accelerator sensor. It can be useful for any physics students students for studying motion in your physics chapter.

  • Light sensor

Light sensory and other very interesting thing with appropriate software and application you can study deflection,diffraction reflection, and other phenomenon of light very easily just from your phone.

Virtual reality:

Techtipstrick virtual reality

Virtual reality brings and forms a new world and forms a world of imagination like reality.

You always wanted to dream and move into your dream in a conscious way. It seems like a dream has got successful with the arrival of virtual reality. You can live your dream in a conscious way. Feels like moving into the virtual world with virtual reality features you can feel everything going on in a digital world. virtual reality game allow you to feel the reality of digital being in the virtual world.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality

Augmented reality lets you live imagination from your phone. It provides actual and accurate data.

Augmented reality uses LiDAR , it can map all the objects and any things present around you in a 3D. You can actually create and make anything you wish. Suppose you want to measure the size of the tree in front of you well you can do it with augmented reality you just need to open your camera and turn it towards the tree and everything would be done automatically. Augmented reality makes and let's you reimagine the task you ever did. With augmented reality and virtual reality working together you can create a world as you see in the sci-fi movies.

You can check and test things in your real world from your digital phone in a real way with actual data from augmented reality supported device.

Augmented reality is really most interesting things you see in the tech revolution.

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