Tips to get adsense instantly:

 Tips to get adsense instantly:

AdSense is a googles advertising solutions for placing ads.

Most of the blogger and so many websites earn revenue from adsense. It has higher cpc and better payment record than any other.

So most of the publisher has got this platform as best choice.

These are some of the very important points if you are new blogger and need an adsense approval.

  • Basics need that a blog should have is the privacy policy and disclaimer.

a contact us form is necessary so that your reader can contact you.

Terms and conditions is other most important pages you must have in order to become a eligible blogger.

  •  Your blog should have enough content.

at least 25 posts are required that should be plagiarism free and it is not violating any Google's policy and also it is not infringing copyright.

  •  The navigation of your blog page should be better and not misguiding.

  •  The traffic in your webpage is not necessary for getting adsense.

  •  Any third-party url should be there in your navigation. Such as menu should not consist any other websites url.

  •  It is always recommended not to use any other ads providers in your website or blog until your AdSense is approved.

  •  Your website if not getting a valid traffic it is less likely to get adsense.

  •  If already there are third party widget, you should remove it.

  •  You can promote YouTube and asked your viewers to subscribe your channel treacherously.

  •  AdSense is very easier to get but the earnings is possible only if you have a good traffic in your blog.

  • Google Adsense never support any illegal , adult content and will not approve you.

  • Hacking , cracking related niche would be considered as policy violation and adsense would not get approved.

Get ready for applying 


If you have already prepared your blog and posted more than 25 posts along with completed alla the criteria listed above than now you are eligible for applying in adsense. 

You need to open adsense home page and register your websites it will ask you your email address and website name.

After doing so it will provide you google ajax code or adsense code and ask you to paste it in between head section of your html page .

You have to now open your blog settings and go to themes , now open edit html and whole html code  of your website would be available to you . Move to head section and paste your code next to <head> head tags .

It is done go to your AdSense account it says you that you have done your job. And ask you to wait until they review your website . The review period can be upto two weeks or less than that.

If you have met your all criteria you would get a good news soon.

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