What after 5000 friends in facebook ?

 What after 5000 friends in facebook ?

What after 5000 friends in facebook ?

Facebook is good for making friends , connecting with your friends and near one.

You can make so many friends and get connected with them but there is a limit over which you no longer can increase the friends in your list. 

There is another option you can opt for at this stage if yiu thinks you have so many friends it is good to convert your Facebook profile into facebook page. 

It can have as much as you want the number of followers and friends.

How to increase facebook likes dramatically?

It is possible to have show me friends followers and likes in your Facebook page even at once without making so much effort.

It is provided by Facebook itself. Facebook provides a feature by which you can convert all the friends and fathers into like a for your Facebook page. Peoples are aware of this feature in Facebook. This feature is very useful for those want to to make a page and wonder so many e likes in their page. 

It is generally provided by Facebook to have a maximum 5000 likes at once in your Facebook page if you  are converting Facebook profile into a Facebook page.

The process by which it is possible to get 5000 likes at the first time.

First of all login to your Facebook profile from the computer or any laptop in a desktop mode. Now open another time and search for how to change my Facebook account into Facebook page.

With the search you will get result by Facebook which will give instruction of how to convert your Facebook profile into a Facebook page. Now click on that and follow that produce as instructed in the page. 

Now the process of converting facebook profile  into facebook page begins.

Now it will ask you to select among the friends whom you want to like your Facebook page it is possible if you are converting your Facebook profile into page you might have at most friend almost 5000 so you can now select all your friends their jobs and given below in the bottom right of the screen " next" , click on next you will be asked for the information about your page. select and write all the information related to your page now click on the button below that is next, now I will ask you to continue you should continue and finally there is information available on the screen which says your face is being converted , please wait while processes completed.

After completion of the process you will see your Facebook page is ready and it has already 5000 likes in it.

Well done continue!!!

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