Why wordpress is used in more than 30% of websites ?

 Why wordpress is used in more than 30% of websites ?


WordPress is used in most of the websites and that is because of services it gets along with it.

The popularity of wordpress is because of diversity and availability  of services.

None other can provide you as much as wordpress.

Some facts:

  • Monthly, 24 billion pages hosted by WordPress is viewed by more than 40 crore People in the World.

  • 7 crore new posts and 4.7 crore comments are made each month in WordPress hosted site.

  • Blogs in WordPress is read in more than 120 languages in the world.

Some popular wordpress users:

  • CNN, TED, UPS, and CBS Radio...etc.

Types of wordpress users

  1. eCommerce.

  • WordPress can be used to make various types of ecommerce websites.

  1. Retail companies.

  • Retail companies uses wordpress for their display of products and flexibility of their buisness.

  1. Professional blogger.

  • for professional blogger wordpress offers so many plug-in both paid ,free and open source.

  1. Job listings.

  • Job websites are made , recruitment agencies etc.

  1. Non-profits.

  • Non-profit organization uses it for their organisation.

  1. Small business.

  • Small buisness uses it as it is cheapest in terms of quality.

  1. Online communities.

  • Online communities uses it.

  1. Developers.

  • It is even a good choice for developers.

Advantages of using wordpress:

  1. Simplicity.

  • WordPress is very easy to use and it is simple to manage.This quality helped WordPress overcome competitors like Drupal or Joomla and become the favorite choice of web developers everywhere, eliminating the need to master HTML, CSS, PHP and other complicated technologies.

  1. Innovative.

  • WordPress is updated regularly, thus it remains up to date with the latest technology and trends.

  1. SEO.

  •  A great choice for SEO.

  1. Flexibility.

Flexible and use to use.

  1. Simple CMS.

Easy to manage cms

  1. Open source.

many many free open source plugins available there.

  1. Speed and efficiency.

Speed and efficiency are well and is very useful to manage.

  1. Support.

Instant support .

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